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Types Of Fistula

Rerctovagial F istula

What is Fistula

The Fistula forms in the course of healing strictures(Fissures) which may be multiple and considerable length and Depth, and develop especially in cases of long standing.

Fistula in Ano and abscesses there are SEPTIC DISORDERS __ MAY BE THE FIRST SIGNS OF PRIMARY colitis, enteritis or diverticulitis, may be complications of surgical procedures employed for hose or other conditions, FISTULA IN ANO ___A tract leading from the Rectal Lumen to the Peroanl skin, usually results from local anal crypt abcesses; Less than 10% of such lesions are due to Tubercolosis or cancer.

The Fistula is a chronically inflamed tube madeup of tibrus tissue. Surrounding gramulation tissue the lumen of which may be difficult to demonstrate ________

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The proctology __ Subject being dealt with in an essentially practical manmer prominence being given to diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, pathology.

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Perirectal abscesses often represent the tracking down into the anal area of purupent material escaping from the rectosignoid, diverticulitis, enteritis or colitis may be the source. Anal Fissure or rectal surgeries may be the causal.

Fistulas between the rectum and vagina, and the rectum and scrotum and Bladder represent serious complications of gronulumations Septic or malignant disorders and require that the patient be definitive. Diagnostic and therapeutic, Laser Procedures.

Anal Fistula

Vaginal Fistula

Symptoms of Fistula

In majority of cases piles are not serious and go away on their own after a few days. An individual suffering from piles experience below symptoms:

  1. Itchiness around the anus
  2. Lump on the anus
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Pain and discomfort while defecating
  5. The area around the anus may be red and sore
  6. Mucus discharge when emptying the bowels
  7. Face turns yellowish due to extensive bleeding

Laser Fistula Treatment

Laser energy is delivered, by optical fiber, into the anal fistula tract and is used to thermally ablate and close of the abnormal pathway. The laser energy induces destruction of the fistula epithelium and simultaneous obliteration of the remaining fistula tract by a shrinkage effect. The epithealialized tissue is being destroyed in a controlled way and the fistula tract collapses to a very high degree. This also supports and accelerates the healing process.

Advantage of using diode laser using radial fiber compared to conventional surgery is, it gives good control to operator, also allows use in convoluted tract. Surgical procedure can be executed in only a few minutes.